Many people see America as the land of opportunity – the Promised Land. Whether this is true or not, it becomes a matter of personal experience. For many, the move to America may be the best thing they ever did, and these are the people who become successful in their endeavors.

People come to America in search of better employment opportunities and more money. Many have a dream and want a fertile grown to plant the seed of that dream. They may have tried in their country and it did not work as expected, so they decide to try in America. Other people move to America to leave poverty behind, while others seek better medical treatments. Other immigrants search for a specific job or trade that they feel will be more successful in the American market.

For many people, moving to American represents a better way of life and more freedom of expression. For others, what attracts them are the many other cultures that are melted together in the big cities, such as New York City. Other immigrants just come to America on vacation, and they like it and decide to move permanently and many become citizens. On other occasions, some people move to America looking for political asylum and protection. Others want to live in a democratic country.

Another reason is the cost of living. In many European countries, the cost of living is much higher than in the USA, so if they have similar political liberties, they decide to move to America. Others visit and see those liberties in amazement and decide they want to enjoy that type of freedom. Other foreigners may have relatives in the country and decide to come to America as well.

Whatever the reason people move to America, it represents a fresh start under one of the best political systems in the world that makes it much easier for immigrants to start a new life and make their dreams come true. After all, America was formed and made by immigrants of many backgrounds – English, French, Spaniards, African and many other cultures.

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