There are over 600 Regional Centers designated by USCIS. The EB-5 market is oversaturated with extensive competition as a result of the long list of EB-5 Projects that are being offered. Due to such fierce competition, Regional Centers tend to seek assistance from third-party vendors to reach out to investors and promote their EB-5 Projects.

Regional Centers usually outsource their marketing services to attorneys, agents, and immigration consultants. Let’s face it, while these could potentially be suitable channels to promote EB-5 Projects on behalf of Regional Centers, such service providers lack the marketing know-how to ensure successful delivery of promotional campaigns that Regional Centers require for their EB-5 Projects.

Our consultants regularly travel the world to promote the EB-5 Regional Center program, and have the pulse of the EB-5 market to structure your EB-5 Regional Center and/or EB-5 Project so that it is attractive to foreign investors. By paying close attention to the details of your project, Encubate ensures that your Regional Center and EB-5 Projects are set apart from the competition; thereby making it more attractive to EB-5 applicants from around the world who are looking to immigrate to the United States through the EB-5 Regional Center Program.





In today’s economic climate, finding conventional financing for development is becoming exceedingly difficult. Banking institutions have tightened credit to the point where even the most proven investors and organizations must demonstrate substantial equity investment before construction loans are provided. Furthermore, when banks do agree to fund a development project, the financing offered is usually in the form of short-term bridge loans, which lack the portfolio stability needed to attract private venture capital. On the other hand, when U.S. venture capital gets involved, it is invariably in the form of very high interest mezzanine financing, creating risk issues which makes other potential investors steer clear.

For these reasons, U.S. projects seeking funding are turning increasingly toward foreign venture capital that is generally available at lower interest rates than U.S. venture capital, especially when paired with immigration structuring for the investor. Through the EB-5 Program or other suitable investment-based visas, the cost of such funding can actually be substantially lower than the best bank rates available. Encubate works with many types of clients to develop structured, targeted foreign venture capitalization plans which addresses the needs and wants of foreign investors and the goals of our clients.


EB-5 Regional Centers seeking to tailor, fine-tune, or re-invent offerings and/or economic methodologies to generate maximum EB-5 investor interest.


U.S. Developers seeking foreign venture capital from high net worth individuals for whom the EB-5 program is not viable based upon the global tax implications of U.S. residency.


Encubate provides comprehensive integrated marketing solutions for EB-5 Regional Centers. We cover all the indispensable elements of marketing that are crucial for EB-5 Regional Centers to meet their growth objectives. Consider us an extension arm to your internal team. We work with you on strategic business consulting, implementing marketing plans, conducting market research, and enriching your Regional Center brand. We put together your marketing material, multi-lingual websites, and blend our marketing best practices with your business objectives to maximize your EB-5 campaign effectiveness as you approach foreign investors.

Our EB-5 services are SEC compliant and exclusively related to marketing which does not involve sales or facilitation of securities. We do not receive any commission, nor do we position ourselves as agents or brokers. We work based on a flat-fee structure that covers every aspect of your exclusive EB-5 events and marketing initiatives.


Starting with an initiation workshop, our consulting team can support, supplement or assist in the role of marketing management for your Regional Center. Leveraging our unique market-centric approach, we are able to keep your EB-5 marketing initiatives connected directly to your business objectives while remaining quick in response to the international investor community.


We research, target, and reach select-regions and high net-worth individuals that have interest in Global Citizenship as well as immigration through-investment. We reach a great number of qualified attendees with appropriate financial means who could partake in an EB-5 investment. We ensure that the individuals have personal immigration objectives and express a direct interest in obtaining a U.S. Green Card through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.


An effective EB-5 global investment campaign requires the discipline of sales-efforts that can be tracked and managed through a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. We include the tools your Regional Center will need for an effective marketing and sales capitalization of your projects and opportunities. The added transparency of pipeline reports and email notification will give you the on-going assurance that your efforts are on track.


Various levels of professional writing, translating, editing and image development are always included in our packages. We strongly believe that quality and timely content is critical to maximize your market position, so we encourage monthly update of your printed and online content. No costs are ever incurred without a clear scope of our work approved in advance by you.


Development and positioning of a professional look and feel that identifies your Regional Center as unique, but appealing to your audience — High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI). We provide creative services from logo design and style guide to a comprehensive assessment and recommendations on brand positioning.


It is critical that you have customized EB-5 media and marketing collateral for your potential investors. Each of your marketing packets should include a presentation folder, inserts, brochures, business cards and pitch-decks. All are designed and delivered in a multi-language format that suits the target audience of your business.