Canada has always maintained a solid ranking among the top ten best countries of the world to live in. It has been welcoming the newcomers from all over the world in the past several decades.

Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their immigration programs. Our immigration seminars/webinars are aimed to educate prospective immigrants on latest updates related to Canadian immigration programs. No matter if you are an student, worker, skilled professional, entrepreneur, or investor, you will benefit from attending our events.

Seeking answers for temporary or permanent residency on your own could be confusing and frustrating. Let us do all the due diligence and legal research on your behalf. It is after all what we do for a living!

Save your time, effort, and thousands of dollars spent under a “false hope". Attend our events and receive reliable information provided by an authorized representative and licensed entity that has a track record of achievement in the Canadian immigration system.

Select an event date that suits you. We look forward to seeing you in one of our events!


Mr. Bassel Zoueiter founded Encubate in 2013 and has been constantly expanding its business footprint to cover various regions around the world. Mr. Zoueiter brings over 15 years of specialized immigration, business, and investment experience to the firm. Mr. Zoueiter is a devoted Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) who is an active member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Over the years, Mr. Zoueiter helped thousands of students, skilled professionals, and business immigrants to move to the U.S. and Canada. Mr. Zoueiter strives to ensure that the immigration plans our firm recommends to our clients match the objectives of the clients, while adhering to the integrity and goals of the selected immigration programs.

Mr. Zoueiter has delivered many public speeches and hosted several seminars related to U.S. and Canada immigration programs in many countries all over the world. Mr. Zoueiter is committed to our firm's clients with a broad portfolio of successful immigration cases. His passion for helping foreign nationals to start a new life in north America has earned our firm a well-known reputation within the immigration industry.

Ms. Maria Garces joined Encubate in October 2019 and has since then specialized in a wide range of immigration services to help her clients meet their immigration goals. Ms. Garces has delivered hundreds of consultations, in collaboration with senior RCIC's at Encubate. Her dedication to her clients has helped her gain their trust and made them feel comfortable in following her guidance.

With a background in International Business, and after completing the Immigration Consultant program, Ms. Garces established a unique approach to find tailored immigration solutions for clients which has helped many all over the world. Her focus is on immigration pathways and permanent residence programs.

Over the years, she has gained tremendous amount of knowledge and experience about various immigration programs and has developed a passion for customizing immigration solutions to suit her clients' needs. Cookie cutters do not exist when it comes to Ms. Garces, and there is no such thing as “one program that fits all”. Every case is unique, and every client has special requirements that need to be considered during a consultation. Ms. Garces understands that very well, and she ensures that her clients’ needs are taken into consideration in every solutions she provides.

Ms. Francine Francis joined Encubate in 2020 to be part of the firm’s Compliance Team. Ms. Francis speaks English, French, and Arabic. She is based in Lebanon, which makes her more accessible to our clients in the Middle East. Ms. Francis specializes in permanent residency programs, both federal and provincial. With a background in consulting and auditing, Ms. Francis and in collaboration with senior RCIC’s at Encubate assisted clients kickstart their immigration process by assisting them in finding the right immigration pathways that fit their profile.

Part of the Compliance Team, Ms. Francis audited and submitted hundreds of visa and permanent residency applications. That gave her exposure to various types of applications for visitors, students, workers, sponsored spouses, sponsored family members, skilled immigrants, and business immigrants. Working with so many applications gave her the opportunity to assist the firm to strengthen our document checklists that we suggest for our clients for their applications.

Ms. Francis has clients’ best interest at heart, while helping them achieve their immigration goals. Having gone through the process herself with her family, she shows a great deal of compassion to our clients, which gives them a personalized experience when working with her.






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