Formally known as the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) that was previously assessed by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has been replaced by two pilots in June 2019: Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot. There are two significant differences between the LCP and the new pilots: one, the requirement for a labour market impact assessment is no longer required, and two, applicants submit the applications for a work permit and permanent residence at the same time. After obtaining proof of two years of work in Canada on the work permit, caregivers must submit applicable documentation to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) so that their permanent residence applications can receive a final decision.

Looking at the trends of previous years, it became evident that there is a significant need for caregivers in Canada due to the fast aging population and young families that need extra assistance with children due to employment demands. The caregiver program enables Canadian employers/families to recruit foreign nationals to work in their homes to provide childcare or home support for seniors or people with disabilities when there is a shortage of Canadians or permanent residents to fill available positions.


The Government of Canada values the contributions caregivers make to Canadian families and after extensive consultations, the new pilot allows the dependents of caregivers to accompany them to Canada, thus reducing family separation. Below please find general requirements for the new pilot program.

    • Caregiver must have a basic knowledge of English (or French) by scoring a CLB 5 in accepted language proficiency test: IELTS, CELPIP, TCF, TEF.

    • 1-year post-secondary education credential in any discipline. If the degree was obtained in a non-Canadian educational institution, an education credential assessment must be obtained using an approved organization (for example: WES, IQAS, etc.)
    • Intent and ability to perform the tasks associated with the position (caring for children vs caring for elderly or people with high medical needs) supported by previous work experience and/or previously applicable training in applicable field.
    • Genuine full-time job offer from a Canadian employer outside the province of Quebec showing the need for the caregiver.
    • Complete two years of experience in one position only. The experience does not have to be continuous, it can be cumulatively obtained over the period of 36 months prior to applying. Can be completed with different employers.
      1. Notable point: the work permit that will be issued to the caregiver will be occupation-specific, not employer-specific, meaning that the caregiver is free to seek other employers in the event of a layoff.
    • There is no official requirement for the caregivers to live on the same premises as the employer, however the option is available.


    • Caregiver must be looking after children that are under the age of 18.

    • Previous experience as foster parents, self-employment or full-time student is not eligible under this category.
    • Minimum NOC-specific suggested requirements:
      1. Completion of secondary school may be required.
      2. Home childcare providers may require completion of a training program in childcare or a related field.
      3. Childcare or household management experience may be required.
      4. Demonstrated ability to perform work is usually required.
      5. First aid certification and CPR training may be required.


    • Caregiver must be looking after seniors/persons with disabilities or in recovery.

    • Previous experience as housekeepers, self-employment or full-time student is not eligible under this category.
    • Minimum NOC-specific suggested requirements:
      1. Some secondary school education is usually required.
      2. Home management experience may be required.
      3. College or other courses in home support may be required.
      4. First aid certification may be required.
      5. Completion of a training program in care of the elderly, care of persons with disabilities, convalescent care or in a related field may be required.


We will assist and support you from the beginning stages of your application until the final stages when you receive the decision letter form IRCC. We will advise you on what documents you will need to provide us with to make strong applications for your work permit and your permanent residency. We will provide applicable feedback to ensure that your documents meet IRCC submission standards.

To us it does not matter if you are inside or outside Canada, we will be with you every step of the way. We will submit your application to IRCC on-line via our authorized representative portal, enabling direct access to check the progress of your application. Depending on your country of residence or nationality, we can advise you on the fastest way to obtain a work permit and your permanent residency.

In the event you are interested in applying for permanent residence in Canada, we can assist with that inquiry as well!


Encubate is a professional immigration consulting firm helping skilled foreign nationals find the right pathway for immigration to Canada. Our team is built by immigrants: we all have personal experience navigating through Canadian immigration pathways, offering you a wide range of expertise that will save you time and unnecessary stress. By allowing us to represent you, we will provide you with reliable service and support to properly apply for a Canadian work permit that meets IRCC requirements and criteria. This is how we can support your application for a work permit:
- Provide you with individualized checklist outlining documents that will be needed;
- Conduct a thorough review and advise you of any deficiencies;
- Suggest what documents you can submit in lieu of those that you are not able to obtain;
- Prepare and submit the application to IRCC; and
- Monitor your application, advise you of updates, and prepare instructions on where and how to obtain your work permit.


Are you interested in moving to Canada as a caregiver? Want to learn about working in Canada as a Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker? If you do not know where to look or how to start, we invite you to book an eligibility consultation with us in order to guide you on your career journey to Canada.