Encubate provides a private investment pool, aiming at long-term investment opportunities, fully supported by real offline investment activities, specializing in franchising investment of successful concepts for famous brands. We enable our clients to make their first entry into franchising more systematic, streamlined, and profitable. Encubate covers both U.S. based national franchising opportunities as well as international expansion franchising opportunities.

It takes money to start any kind of business, franchises included. Franchising investment options run the gamut from low to high cost, including start-up expenses (franchise fees, equipment, supplies, plus real estate if needed) and reserve capital to keep the business running until it generates positive cash flow. Our franchisee services ensure that our clients are well equipped as they take on new franchises and expand their investment portfolios.

We assist our clients in determining the level of investment that works best for their budget, timing, and goals. We also connect them with franchise investment opportunities and help them find the right industry, concept, and location for their new business.


Encubate offers various franchising models that give our clients the flexibility of choosing the right franchising structure they are comfortable with managing and operating. Whether it is direct management, semi-passive management, or hands-off management, we are able to work with our clients to ensure the success of their selected franchises. We offer our clients franchising concepts in numerous industries.

1. Food & Beverage
2. Laundry & Dry Cleaning
3. Car Service Centers
4. Tutoring & Education
5. Healthcare & Clinics
6. Travel & Tourism
7. Accounting & Finance
8. Beauty Salons
9. Fitness & Weight Control
10. Assisted Living Facilities