Global Citizenship and Residency

Global Citizens are entitled to high level of choice in terms of mobility, standard of life, education, locations for investment and business operations, and many more. With Encubate by your side, we can create a safe path to this freedom of choice.

Each Global Citizen program offers unique benefits. We filtered these benefits and split them into five focal groups: Cost, speed, mobility, quality of life, and simplicity. These are the benchmarks that we use to evaluate each program, based on our clients’ particular needs and goals. We compare them against one another, while we consider each client’s personal requirements, and that ultimately enables us to find the right fit for each client.

We follow a different approach than others. We take ownership of finding the most suitable program(s) for each client, individually. We do not promote or advertise a long list of residency and citizenship programs. This only confuses our clients and it diverts their attention from the main objectives they are seeking to accomplish.

From our experience, the more options we give our clients, the more they start drifting away from their initial plan, thinking that they need to change their plan to fit these programs. This is wrong practice! It is our job as experts and consultants to find the right program for you! We study each case carefully and apply many factors that help us determine the very short list of programs that match your plans.

This is a great option for foreign investors who are looking for a second passpor to enhance their mobility or a residency in a country with a strong economy for the purpose of relocation or sending their children to study abroad, while benefiting from reduced univeristy tuition.- Bassel Zoueiter

Global Citizenship and Residency

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