Encubate is authorized to offer immigration services under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). We are a member in good standing of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). Our principle consultant, Mr. Bassel Zoueiter, is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), who has helped many immigrants to start a new life in Canada and the United States.

We are committed to providing our clients with premier immigration services that they can depend on. We enable our clients to achieve their immigration objectives, while empowering them to make their dream a reality by facilitating their immigration needs through our dedicated team of specialists.

Un-licensed representatives (also known as Ghost Consultants), who are not Authorized Representatives, are not permitted to charge you a fee for their services. Encubate understands the importance and value of hiring an Authorized Representative (Law Firm, Lawyer, or Regulated Immigration Consultant) for your immigration application.

About Us

Headquartered in Toronto, our dedicated immigration specialists advise our clients on the most reliable pathways to obtain residency or citizenship of desired countries. We walk our clients through every obstacle and challenge from immigration to estate planning to investments. In addition, Encubate has established branch offices in Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary.

By choosing Encubate, you receive a high-level of professional care and attention that gives you the peace of mind knowing that our team is by your side, every step of the way. Contact us today to speak to one of our team members who will be happy to outline all the immigration services we offer. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your immigration goals.


CICC is the national regulatory body that regulates Canadian immigration and citizenship consultants. CICC inherited its designation from its predecessor (ICCRC) which was designated by the government of Canada in 2011. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) are authorized representatives within the meaning of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Regulations (IRPR) and may represent clients before Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is an offense punishable by law to provide Canadian visa, immigration, and citizenship services for a fee or other consideration if not regulated by CICC, a Canadian law society, or the Chambre des notaires du Québec. To learn how to check the RCIC member status with CICC CLICK HERE

The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) is a professional organization created for regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and founded on the 4 pillars of education, information, lobbying and recognition. There are many important milestones that had a tremendous influence on various immigration industry changes, and they have influenced the inclusion of a professional occupation by the title of “Immigration Consultant”.


Our story

Our story is unique. Encubate was built as a reflection of the life experiences that our founder has gone through as he traveled the world in search of a better life for himself and his family. As an immigrant and business professional, our founder wanted to give others what he wished he had years ago, when he needed a helping hand to guide him. Trust, honesty, and respect. Our founder planted these seeds in Encubate’s core values. Today, our team proudly continues to carry the same message to our clients as we help them achieve their objectives in life.

People often wonder about the “E” in our name and the three words we use in our slogan; it is not a typo. The “E” also has a story. It starts as we enable our clients to have a global reach on all options available to them. It continues over time while we empower our clients to achieve their personal and business objectives. Then it comes to a wrap when we enrich the trust relationships we built with our clients, knowing that we delivered what we promised. So what do we “E”ncubate exactly? An opportunity for our clients to build a bright future for themselves & their families in countries they desire to reside in.


In many ways, a company’s clients list defines its individuality and its strength. We have been fortunate to work shoulder to shoulder with many unique individuals all over the world. Our clients have challenged us to search and implement various business and investment opportunities, and we have exceeded their expectations every step of the way.

Our clients come from different backgrounds, and our ability to speak several languages, helps us cater to a wider audience from all over the world. We work with clients from the Middle East & North Africa, Asia, South America, and many other regions.

We support high net worth individuals who are interested in investment and business incubation. We always strive to give the same level of care and dedication to all our clients, which allows us to build a strong relationship with each client based on trust, honesty, and respect.

Our Clients


Bassel Zoueiter

Mr. Zoueiter founded Encubate in 2013 and has been constantly expanding its business footprint to cover various regions around the world. Mr. Zoueiter brings over 20 years of specialized immigration, business, and investment experience to the firm. Mr. Zoueiter is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and is an active advocate in the Canadian immigration field.

Over the years, Mr. Zoueiter held many key positions such as Senior Immigration Consultant for a law firm, Senior Business Consultant for a foreign investments firm, Regional Manager of a pharmaceuticals company, Marketing Director for a leading IT company, and Enterprise Consultant for a global BPO company. Over the years, Mr. Zoueiter developed strong immigration consulting skills while managing business and investment matters for many individuals as well as local and international companies.

With years of international business and investment experience, coupled with success stories in the United States, Canada, and Middle East, Mr. Zoueiter’s strength extends his ability to transform basic concepts into successful implementations. Mr. Zoueiter has a record of accomplishments in creating and successfully managing several companies in United States of America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain, Lebanon, and Jordan.


Our team is what makes us great! We are a team of immigration consultants and business professionals who possess years of immigration and international business experience. People say; the best way to learn something is to experience it yourself. Our team has gone through many life and career experiences to gain their knowledge, aside from all the education and certifications that they achieved over the years. Coming from immigrant families, being entrepreneurs, and delivering many successful personal investments, our team is definitely street smart.

This gives us essential confidence knowing that when we deliver a service to our clients, we have the right practical experience, background, and knowledge to give our clients the most suitable solutions that meet their needs. Our team is able to develop precise strategies and produce clear, measurable and tangible results. The engaging spirit of our professional and exceptionally talented associates distinguishes us and differentiates our services.

We treat each client case as if it is our own personal case. We look after the interest of our clients and their families as if they are our own family. When we work with a client, they tend to stay with us for years as we progress from one life milestone to another. We are proud of every successful case we managed, knowing that we helped our clients better their lives and gave their families the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Our Team
Maria Garces Cubells

Maria Garces Cubells

Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

Isabelle Vachon

Isabelle Vachon

Immigration Consultant (RCIC)



  • Marketing Coordinator
Rexy Rexx

Rexy Rexx

Chief Woof Officer

Michelle Vallejo

Michelle Vallejo

Immigration Caseworker

Francine Francis

Francine Francis

Immigration Caseworker

Rebeca Viana Nunes

Rebeca Viana Nunes

Immigration Caseworker

Fernanda Campos

Fernanda Campos

Immigration Caseworker

Benyamin Bennafla

Benyamin Bennafla

Business Development Coordinator

Gustavo Marsiglia

Gustavo Marsiglia

Business Development Coordinator

Katie Arnold

Katie Arnold

HR Manager

Taylor Seeley

Taylor Seeley

HR Admin



To provide reliable immigration, business, and investment solutions to our clients across the world and ensure successful delivery of every investment-based immigration project we manage.


  1. To search and identify global investment-based immigration options and business models that offer residency or citizenship through investment.
  2. To build strategic partnerships with organizations that offer such programs and connect our clients with these establishments.
  3. To assist our clients in the implementation of precise investment-based immigration programs in order to achieve their personal objectives.
Our Mission


Our associates are talented individuals with deep collective experience, proven immigration and business achievements, and a well-established reputation for responsiveness and tangible outcome. There are six main distinctive reasons why our clients prefer to work with us.


    Whether you choose a large immigration firm or a small one, you are ultimately benefiting from the experience of the individuals who will be working on your behalf. At Encubate, there are no behind the scene hand-offs. Our immigration specialists work directly on your requirements, providing you with a level of expertise and insight, developed over hundreds of uniquely challenging cases.


    Encubate takes great pride in its strong reputation for attention to detail, initiative and responsiveness. We view the delivery of effective programs as a team sport. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients towards the simple goal of reaching their residency and citizenship goals.


    We use up-to-date practices that maximize the knowledge of our staff to deliver each assignment on time, on budget and on target. These proprietary processes and procedures have been refined and validated over dozens of client cases to ensure quicker speed, better results, and less cost.


    We use cutting-edge technologies as tools to help us achieve our clients’ business objectives. From Customer Relationship Management tools to Document Management tools, we got it all. We also help our clients adopt technologies that enhance collaboration and communication between us.


    Our highly differentiated roster of “end-to-end” immigration and business services have been instrumental in successfully relocating many foreign nationals to their desired destinations. As well as, allowing them to become Global Citizens with ease of travel all around the world.


    Since the day we started, we have produced clear and measurable results for an exciting variety of clients. We have a determined focus on helping our clients increase their chances to achieve residency and citizenship in countries that provide long-term benefits and allow our clients to build a bright future for themselves and their families.


We believe that specialization is the key to mastering the services that we offer. We have adopted this philosophy since day one by specializing in immigration through business incubation and investment, followed by building our service profile on top of it. This has enabled us to establish a solid reputation and helped us improve the quality of our services.

We achieve our mission by understanding the needs and expectations of our clients by analyzing, orchestrating, and delivering comprehensive immigration and business solutions in a clear, concise and systematic manner. We always listen, then listen some more. That allows us to deliver the right immigration solutions that match our clients’ objectives.


We maintain a healthy, enjoyable, exciting, and motivational work atmosphere in which our associates are empowered to take on responsibility, develop and present ideas, educate themselves and others, and use their talents and abilities to their fullest capacity.


In the immigration through business incubation and investment field, success is underpinned by the development and continued refinement of immigration strategies that create sustainable competitive advantage. At Encubate, we have a commitment to the following core values that distinguish us from others:

    We actively listen to our customers and cater to their specific needs.
    We are passionate about our work, which reflects in the quality we deliver.
    We are continuously sharing new concepts with our clients to benefit from our expertise.
    We conduct ourselves ethically and respect the dignity of the individual.


Encubate stands out among its peers in that it is not only an immigration service provider but also a leader in the Global Citizenship industry with influential partnerships dedicated to raising the bar on residency and citizenship consultancy standards. Our partnerships have empowered us to expand our knowledge and experience, which automatically translates to superior service that our clients benefit from.

We have many robust partners from all around the globe. We are proud of our relationships with them and we continue to nurture these partnerships every day. Our reputation draws many new affiliations to us, and we are fortunate to work amongst the best companies around the world. Our partners support us to deliver superior business, investment, and real-estate services in their local markets.

Our Partners

Encubate has partnered with Zoueiter & Associates to offer an exceptional service-bundle to our clients. Zoueiter & Associates is an immigration firm, authorized to offer immigration services in Canada. By choosing Zoueiter & Associates, you receive a high-level of professional care and attention that gives you the peace of mind knowing that our team is by your side, every step of the way. Through our partnership with Zoueiter & Associates, we are able to help many immigrants to start a new life in Canada and the United States.

Zoueiter & Associates website: CLICK HERE